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Developers Back to Square One With Synagogue-Condo Project

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The Lower East Side's Young Israel Synagogue was demolished starting in 2007 to make room for what some have nicknamed a synagondo, part synagogue, part condo. But there's still no sign of the promised building (rendered at right) on the now empty lot. And it looks like there won't be any time soon.

The Lo-Down reports that the plan?for a $5.9 million synagogue and, above it, about 24 apartments spread over 10 floors?has fallen through due to financing troubles. But the developers and Young Israel are hoping to scale back rather than give up. They propose to eliminate the indoor basketball court from the new building in favor of an outdoor one. Ruh-roh! They'll also probably reduce the condo building to six stories and place it next door to the synagogue, instead of on top. Would that still count as a synagondo?
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