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1280 Fifth Gets Squeezed

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Curious about the layouts at the new Robert A.M. Stern-designed condos at 1280 Fifth Avenue? The Times got the lowdown from the interior designer. They "required some squeezing to allow as many units as possible to share the building's Fifth Avenue frontage. Unit 6A, for example, combines living and dining rooms, a kitchen, a foyer and a 'gallery' in a single 50-foot-long space with just one large window facing Central Park. Mr. Kikoski also drew up plans for apartments that well-heeled buyers could create by combining units, horizontally or vertically." As for those $1,350/sqft prices way up on 109th Street, the developer says that compared with Stern's 15 Central Park West, "we're a steal." [NYT; previously]

1280 Fifth Avenue

1280 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10029