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27 New Piping Hot Karl Condos Delivered to South Slope

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Location: 1638 Eighth Avenue between Prospect Ave and Windsor Place
Size: 27 units
Prices: So far, $549,000-$1,125,000
Architect: Karl Fischer
Developer: Joseph Klaynberg and The Brody Group
Sales & Marketing Brooklyn Properties
Lowdown: From the inimitable Hot Karl now comes Prospect Park Terrace, a bundle of 27 units, including five triplexes and 12 duplexes. It's a building with a nearly decade-long history that includes some construction troubles and a zoning victory. After all that, the list of amenities touted on the project's website seems a little anticlimactic: fixtures made in Italy, private terraces and balconies on some units, and a common landscaped garden and roof patio. Renderings and floorplans in the gallery above, but blogger Imby points out that the lawns actually belong to the neighbors on Prospect Ave, not to the new residents of this Fischer offspring.
· Official website: Prospect Park Terrace []
· 1638 Eighth Avenue [StreetEasy]

Prospect Park Terrace

1638 8th Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Prospect Park Terrace

1638 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY