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Classic Park Avenue Co-op Shows Signs of Life

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It's been a while since we dabbled in the décor of the emperors of the Gold Coast. This new-to-market 4BR/3.5BA co-op listing at 655 Park Avenue doesn't carry the cachet of avenue heavyweights like 740 Park or 778 Park, but it has a bit of history, and for our purposes, it'll do. The $7.095 million listing adheres to most of the Upper East Side prestige building guidelines?debatable color palette, enormous rugs that cost more than Turkey's GDP, weird shit painted on the walls, outdated television technology?and throws in a curveball: youthful vitality! Yep, some of these bedrooms are unmistakably currently occupied by children?smaller humans known for their carefree demeanor and unwillingness to go to bed on command. Does the co-op board know about this?

· Listing: 655 Park Avenue [Sotheby's]