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Gene Kaufman-Designed Japanese Pod Hotel Landing in LIC

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Toyoko Inn, a budget hotel company with 225 hotels in Japan, has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal its plans to open a hotel in Long Island City. And those plans should send us all running for cover ASAP. Toyoko is building a 640-room pod hotel, meaning the rooms, which will cost just over $100/night, will be smaller than 200 square feet and will probably have only no-frills, business traveler-oriented amenities. And the hotel will be designed by Gene Kaufman, who has already put his Sam Chang-funded stamp on the Manhattan skyline. With Kaufman invading LIC via pods, we're thinking this might be the beginning of a Japanese monster movie, with us frozen in terror until the Kaufman-designed creature actually appears sometime in 2012. Run if you can!
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