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Turtle Bay's Alexander Bounces Back with $17.25M Penthouse

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The team at The Alexander seems really torn up about the fact that all the buyers were offered refunds and developer Alexander Gurevich was ousted from the project and banned from selling apartments in New York for three years. Or not. A few months after everything went down with the Attorney General and a new manager was appointed, the building has recovered enough unleash its combo penthouse, now on the market for $17.25 million, or $3,138/square foot, pretty pricey for Turtle Bay. That's the kind of confidence we like to see! The penthouse's two components, units PHA and PHB, were originally on the market for $6,085,115 and $7,507,500, respectively, but are no longer being sold separately. So how will the combo look? The penthouse listing doesn't have a combined floorplan yet, but we tossed the separate ones, and a few renderings, into the gallery above.
· Listing: 250 East 49th Street [Corcoran]
· Official Website: The Alexander []

The Alexander

250 East 49th Street, New York, NY