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Follow Corcoran on Foursquare for Neighborhood Tips & More

You've got the Corcoran iPhone app, you're a Facebook fan, and you're a regular visitor to Next step: Follow Corcoran on Foursquare.

This spring, Corcoran started sharing its vast knowledge of the NYC, Hamptons, and South Florida markets in a series of 'neighborhood tips' that Foursquare users can access as they check in around town. Corcoran agents, who are neighborhood savants by trade, have been storing this intel for years—what to order at restaurants, to how to find those oh-so-secret spots that only the locals know, right through to how to find discounts and avoid long lines.

In addition to this generous tip-sharing, Corcoran is also playing along, checking in at venues all over New York and its surrounding areas. It's been a busy summer for the NYC real estate firm. Follow Corcoran today and find out for yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll find each other out on the town, bellied up to the same bistro bar. You'll trade apartment-hunting war stories and maybe a little renter's remorse, and New York will be a smaller and better place.