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Secret Swimming Pool Outed in South Williamsburg?

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Dumpster pools, floating pools, private penthouse pools?it's no wonder that deep ends and dog paddles are a hot topic during the most sizzling July on record. And that even applies to pasty-skinned Williamsburg, but of course things are more under-the-radar in the 'Burg. Here we have, according to one blogger, what appears to be a secret pool under a tarp and hidden from the street. Note the stepladder and pool-like appearance of the exposed corner, which might not hold up in court, but is enough to make us grab our floaties out of the coat closet. According to NYC The Blog, this is at Kent and Division Aves. in South Williamsburg. Are swimeasies the next hipster trend?
· zOMG secret pool!!!!! [Anna Grimm via NYC The Blog]