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Orchard Street Hell Building Swallows Up LES Boutique

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The Orchard Street Hell Building is many things, including, perhaps, the Lower East Side's longest-running shitshow, but is it an eater of souls? The manager of ultra-hip menswear boutique Bblessing thinks so. In a shock announcement, the Orchard Street store recently said it was shutting down. The manager doesn't mince words when it comes to assigning blame. Writes The Cut:

Store manager Nicholas Kratochvil places much of the blame on Orchard's so-called "Hell Building," whose stalled construction has been the bane of nearby business owners since the recession hit. "We're on a block with nine closed storefronts and that giant waste of a site across the street," he says. "It's just been hard for our business to grow when everything in the immediate vicinity is shutting down."Oh no, now he's gone and taunted the demon. The Orchard Street Hell Building will see you in your nightmares, Kratochvil!
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180 Orchard Street

180 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002