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FiDi's Swanky New W Hotel Gets Ready for Liftoff

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Though it feels like we've been writing about the Financial District's W New York Downtown hotel/condo forever, it has, in fact, been only 40 months. Most of our coverage has been focused on the space-age "ultimate bachelor pads" that make up the top half of the 58-story skyscraper at 123 Washington Street, but as the hotel gears up for its grand opening next month, let's talk about that, shall we?

For the quiet canyons wedged between the World Trade Center and Battery Park?a neighborhood some people wouldn't mind rebuilding entirely?the W is a nightlife-loaded gamechanger. The hotel's two-level BLT Bar & Grill is now open (Eater has pictures and the full rundown), and above you'll find some renderings of the W operation itself, which, surprise, looks just as futuristic as the other parts of the building. The W New York Downtown is one of seven new hotels opened by Starwood in New York this year, but we have a feeling this one's a bit more high profile than the Four Points Long Island City.
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W New York Downtown

123 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006 Visit Website

W New York Downtown

123 Washington Street, New York, NY