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Trump Park Ave Penthouse Sells at $2M Loss After Two Years

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Trump Park Avenue has been home to, among other things, Manhattan's priciest rental and A-Rod. Which probably makes it hard to be the Trump Park Avenue apartment nobody wants. That would be PH29, which hit the market way back in 2006 for $13.125 million. From there, it has the kind of history that makes us want to send it to a therapist so it can lie on a couch and talk about its childhood. On the market, off the market, a PriceUpper, and finally a sale in early 2008 for $12.219 million. But apparently the buyers had a change of heart, because they put the place back on the market only three months later, upping the price to $15 million. Where its StreetEasy history ended in August '09, it was down to $11.995 million. The sale just hit public record, and the place went for $10.2 million. So we're guessing PH29's self-esteem is a little battered right now, not to mention the abandonment issues. Ouch!

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502 Park Ave.

502 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022