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Where Does Don Draper Bring His Abusive Hookers?

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The lives of Mad Men-watching New Yorkers suddenly screeched to a halt when, during last Sunday's season premiere, the (SPOILER ALERT) newly divorced Don Draper told a cabbie to take him to his bachelor pad at (SPOILER ALERT) "Waverly and Sixth Avenue." Don Draper, 1964's Scotch-swilling besuited advertising executive of the year, taking up in Bob Dylan's Greenwich Village!? Well, he did have that bohemian mistress back in Season 1. Mad Men has always been obsessed with nailing the era-appropriate details, and so True/Slant blogger and Draper neighbor Lewis Grossberger decided to try to pinpoint the exact building Don (née Dick Whitman) called home. His best guess: 136 Waverly Place, aka The Waverly. The evidence is undeniable!

It had the right look. Old, discreet, fifteen floors, maybe 100 apartments, faded yellow brick façade, just off the corner, southwest side. The lobby’s dark, art-decoish, with a diamond-pattern floor that I worried might pose a danger to Don if he comes in a bit tipsy just after it’s been buffed. It’ll be slippery. The doorman instantly confirmed my suspicion. “Don Draper?” he said, all innocence. “No, there’s nobody here by that name.” Clearly Don has tipped this fellow well.

We don't see the exterior of the Draper abode in the episode (we mostly just see him inside getting?SPOILER ALERT?slapped around by a prostitute), so there's no visual confirmation that D-Drapes lived at 136 Waverly quite yet. Oh, and also Don Draper is a fictional character, so, uh, yeah.
· Don Draper, I know where you live! [True/Slant]
Building photo via CityRealty