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Veneto Resident Blasts Neighbors in Epic Rant

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A Development Du Jour from way back in 2006, The Veneto at 250 East 53rd Street in Turtle Bay has always gone about its business quietly. The classy 34-story condo building developed by Related has averaged around $1,300/sqft in its sales, and we've heard nary a peep of discontent. Until today that is, when a tipster passed along a letter from one building resident not afraid to air her complaints. Namely, that her upstairs neighbor (a management company that paid just over $2.5 million) is using the apartment as a hotel. Oh, and also that the condo board president is out to get her, using such devious methods as hiring lawyers that are paid out of the building's operating funds, and spying on phone bills, among other mail tampering allegations (a federal offense!). The complete letter is after the jump. We've blacked out all the names because this is more about the entertainment value of a particularly nasty intrabuilding feud than a public shaming of those specific individuals involved.

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