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Think Tank Wants Harlem High Line That Isn't Actually a High Line

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Cities all over the world are now looking to the High Line as a train tracks-to-park trendsetter, and the latest potential copycat is none other than...Harlem. Think tank The Center for an Urban Future, backing a Harlem Community Development Corporation proposal (warning: PDF!), wants the High Line's neighbor to the north to use the promenade as inspiration for La Marqueta Mile, a potential mile-long outdoor market under the Metro North tracks between 111th and 133rd streets along Park Avenue, replacing the old La Marqueta building. So except for the fact that it's neither elevated nor a park, it's exactly like the High Line. The market would be home to 900 vendors, many local, in itty bitty stalls, giving young businesses a chance to get in cheap in Harlem, where retail space is rare and can be pricey. The land in question is controlled by the city's Economic Development Corporation, which would need to be on board with the faux High Line plan.
· A High Line for Harlem [Center for an Urban Future]