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Bianca Jagger Officially Owes $708,000 in Back Rent and Fees

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We've long wondered who would win out In the battle over Mick Jagger ex-wife Bianca Jagger's rent-stabilized Park Avenue apartment: the landlord who evicted her or the mold she sued the landlord over in the first place. And now we have our final (for now) answer?landlord! The Journal reports on the latest ruling in the case, and we guess even a Rolling Stone's ex-wife can't always get what she wants: Jagger owes $708,000 in back rent and fees to her former Park Avenue landlord. $246,468 of that covers the "fair market use and occupancy" of the apartment, and $343,827 covers the landlords' attorneys fees and interest payments. Jagger's attorney says she plans to appeal, which we hope means the return of the "primary residence as a term of art" argument.
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530 Park Avenue

530 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065