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Latest West Chelsea Starchitecture Peeled and Polished

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The waiting game is over! Maybe it was the endless heat or the full moon that caused the cosmic shift, but the construction netting at 200 Eleventh Avenue has finally come down. After being hidden behind a veil for the last two years, these 19 stories of super-luxury condos (and their "en-suite Sky Garage") clad in swooping stainless steel by Annabelle Selldorf and her team at Selldorf Architects are showing off their shiny assets.

Up high a full facade of oversized multi-paned windows look west over the new bowl o' grass at Chelsea Cove and the hinterlands beyond the Hudson. A stack of terraces face east, with views of sunrises and the skyscrapers of Midtown. As of May only one unit was still available, priced at $6.23 million, but that was recently chopped to $5.95 million. (Fashion designer Domenico Dolce bought two penthouses for $29 million.) If that's still beyond doable, vicarious thrills are available via video at Vica Design, where a fly-through of a duplex is just a click away. So, the debate can finally begin: Better than Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh a few blocks south?
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200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York

200 Eleventh Avenue

200 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY