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Anderson Cooper's Architect Will Fix Your Broken Building

When One Madison Park went all screwy, the troubled tower's receiver got court approval to enlist a familiar name to try to get the building back on track: Cary Tamarkin, the architect and developer who's been tossing up charming loft-inspired condo buildings around town for years, but is now probably best known as Anderson Cooper's fire chief. This era of stalled projects has opened up a new role for Tamarkin, that of a fixer not unlike like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction, though hopefully with less brain chunks splattered on the back seat. Now Tamarkin Anderson, the consultancy firm founded by the architect and a partner, development specialist Eric Anderson, have a second straggler in their sites.

According to a Tamarkin Anderson press release, the firm has also been called in to bail out 215 East 81st Street, a mid-size conversion called The Duplex that was supposed to be finished in 2008. Specifically, Tamarkin Anderson was "appointed directly by the Court as a Referee to provide a detailed plan to complete the development." The building (right) looks pretty done to us (and also looks like something Tamarkin the architect wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, but we digress), and there are recorded sales from April 2008 up through January of this year. Any Upper East Siders out there know the whole story?
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Photo via PropertyShark.