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42-Story Midtown Tower Will Become a Shoe Store Instead

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A four-story glass retail box will soon go up at 213-223 34th Street, what the Post's Steve Cuozzo calls a "splendid addition to the block between Seventh and Eighth avenues." True (maybe?), but oh, what might have been! The developers spent "untold time and money" giving small stores and SRO tenants the boot from an old Holiday Inn to be able to clear the site for a 42-story skyscraper, so these plans are quite the downgrade. But don't blame the credit crunch for the tower's fall, at least not this time. The Port Authority had to come and fudge things up with its new train-tunnel project, which will claim a piece of the land intended for the big guy. So instead, 34th Street will add a DSW shoe megastore and a Duane Reade to its recent influx of big chain stores. We're not sure how this impacts LeBron's decision, but we're sure someone will come up with an angle soon enough.
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