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Durst Gets Piece of 1 WTC; Broadway Building Going Hotel

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FIDI?As expected, the Port Authority today selected the Durst Organization over the Related Companies to pump at least $100 million into 1 World Trade Center in exchange for a piece of the office tower's action. The formal agreement will be finalized in the next 30 days. The Observer's Eliot Brown reports Durst's bid "was viewed as more of a traditional one than that of Mr. Ross, who pitched the building, once known as the Freedom Tower, as a destination that would be complete with amenities like fitness centers (akin to the Time Warner Center, which he developed)." So instead of an Equinox, 1 WTC may get Anna Wintour. Upgrade? [CurbedWire Inbox; NYO]

FLATIRON?The four-story building at 893 Broadway (top right) might not seem like much, but it's set to become the Union Square area's latest hotel. A tipster writes: "Does anyone know anything about a new hotel being developed at 893 Broadway [between E19 and E20]? have seen the reno work taking place... just asked a tradesman... and he told me building is being reno'd to be a hotel with ground floor restaurant." The switch to a 36-room hotel from was green-lighted by the DOB in April. [CurbedWire Inbox]