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Sneak Peek at Greenwich Village's Urban Jungle, Courtesy of NYU

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In a very thorough architectural rundown of NYU's core campus expansion plans (look away, ye Greenwich Village preservers!), the Archpaper publishes a whole bunch of renderings, some of which we don't believe we've seen before. Specifically, the public spaces NYU wants to add around the new buildings being plopped into the school's two superblocks near Washington Square Park, lushly landscaped areas designed by go-to park guru Michael Van Valkenburgh. They include a new playground (above) on the site of what's now a Morton Williams supermarket on Bleecker Street?unless NYU is "forced" into building this ugly thing instead of its desired 38-story Pinwheel Tower hotel/dorm?and an area with a "Bryant Park feel" between two new buildings bookending the Washington Square Village complex. Sweet, so when's NYU Fashion Week?
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Laguardia Place at Bleecker Street, New York, NY