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More Glass and a Robot Garage Coming to Quiet Gramurray Block

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A midblock mini-tower has been rising at 148 East 24th Street without anyone paying it much attention, but a tipster put us on the scent: "Do you guys know anything about this building, which is going up on 24th between Lex and 3rd? Looks like another glass-paneled tower, maybe around 12 stories tall... But the signs for the fully automated parking garage are interesting." Indeed we do! Journey with us way back to the summer of 2008, when a Wired New York contributor introduced us to this glassy 14-story apartment building from the EM Design Group. We assumed the project was another credit crunch casualty, but we were wrong. We were wrong!!!

As you can see, the building is topped out and getting glassed as we speak. The EM Design Group is listed on fresh building permits for the site, so we assume the original design is still what's going up. There appear to be some changes, however. EM's website says 148 East 24th Street will be 14 floors and 40 apartments to go along with that futuristic parking garage built for 59 cars. The updated Schedule A filed with DOB instead calls for 15 floors and 57 apartments (not included the super's unit on the second floor), and also amenities such as a game room, gym, bike room and rooftop "recreation area." Maybe word hasn't reached the big gray box that the new-development market is soft. It's like the Bermuda Triangle over there! More looks:

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