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Developer Drama at 1 World Trade Center Ending Soon?

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The Port Authority is due to make a decision on which developer to partner with on 1 World Trade Center, the skyline conqueror formerly known as the Freedom Tower. The field of contenders has been narrowed down to the Durst Organization and the Related Companies, and the drawn-out selection process has become the commercial real estate world's best soap opera, with accusations being hurled about both sides. The sparring may soon be over. The Times' Charles Bagli reports that the PA's board will meet today and could decide a winner, and the Durst Organization is "favored" to claim the right to pump at least $100 million into the 1,776-foot office tower for a piece of the larger pie.

If Durst gets the nod, it won't only represent a victory in the War on Terror, but also a glossy new chapter for our little FiDi. Durst's prized Times Square tenant, magazine giant Condé Nast, could be heading south to occupy a chunk 1 WTC?no doubt angering Anna Wintour. Or pleasing her? If her face ever regains movement it'll be easier to tell.
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