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East Village Blaze Threatens Vladimir Lenin; More!

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EAST VILLAGE?Back when the Red Square building opened at East Houston Street and Avenue A in 1989, some felt the luxury rental building signified the end of the neighborhood. Now, all these years later, with the building next door engulfed in flames and Red Square's rooftop Lenin statue waving right at the thickening cloud of black smoke, those people finally have a dramatic visual to back up their claims! Scary aerial photo via Josh Spear's Twitter, and more photos and coverage on Fireblog, 'natch. [CurbedWire Staff]

JAMESTOWN?You sure about Miami, LeBron? Now StreetEasy is offering up three months of complimentary membership (a $30 value!) if you sign with the Knicks. With that and a big Soho loft, what more do you need? OK, fine, we'll throw in free Curbed content forever, or until the Fireblog Network buys us out and shuts us down. [Twitter/@streeteasy]