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NYU Expansion Watchdogs Told to Quit the Hunt

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For years, officials at NYU have been meeting with a group of politicians, preservationists and concerned neighbors called the Community Task Force on NYU Development. Doesn't seem like the two sides would get along! But over dozens of confabs, NYU patiently nodded its head while the group expressed concerns about the school's massive expansion effort. The feedback eventually took the form of a list of recommendations for the NYU 2031 plan, a list that NYU promptly picked up, examined closely, and applied to its backside with several rapid up-and-down strokes. Now, with various parts of NYU's Greenwich Village onslaught coming up for public review, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has suspended the task force indefinitely.

The group may seem obsolete now that the community boards will get their chances to rip into NYU's plans, but The Villager wants to see the panel preserved, as do a number of vocal locals, including members of the disbanded task force. They've fired off a letter (warning: PDF) to a bunch of politicians stating their case. For example: "We believe we should all be standing firm in pushing the university to consider and adopt these recommendations, rather than suspending the Task Force when there is so much work left for it to do." Translation: We miss the fresh fruit platters NYU put out at our meetings.
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