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Classic City Storefronts Live on Miniature Form

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[Photos via Flickr/Randy Hage.]

A model maker for the film and TV industry has made a series of 1/12th-scale reproductions of old-school New York City storefronts, which sounds incredibly geeky until you look at them and realize this may actually be the coolest thing ever. Randy Hage tells Vanishing New York he ramped up his efforts when he noticed that many of these classic shops were going the way of, well, most mom-and-pops in town. For example, Soho's Vesuvio Bakery, seen above, is now part of the Birdbath bakery chain, though the iconic storefront has been preserved, somewhat controversially. Check out some more of Hage's incredibly detailed creations in the photo gallery, and remember, these are models. Brain. Hurting. His Flickr page has more, including comparisons with the actual storefronts. Only Derek Zoolander could find fault with these.
· Model New York [Vanishing New York]
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