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Penthouse Nobody Wanted is Suddenly a Celebrity Hot Spot

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Back when the sky was falling?Feb. '09, to be exact?we heard the sad tale of the duplex penthouse at 304 Spring Street, a newish Hudson Square condo building. The luxurious building may not be quite as affected by the Tower o' Garbage as the Urban Glass House down the block, but still the 2,858-square-foot penthouse (with one of the nicest private decks in town) struggled mightily. Let's review.

After hitting the market in '07 for $9.25 million, an NBA player was later in contract to buy the condo for $7.8 million. When the market soured, he gave up the $780k deposit and walked away. The developer decided to unload the penthouse in a sealed-bid auction, and it went for about $4.5 million last summer. A big fall, but now that the 3BR/3BA is back on the market as a $21,000-per-month rental, it seems to be generating a lot more interest. The Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports celebs like Meg Ryan, director Baz Luhrmann and comedian Lewis Black (the Daily Show pays well these days?if you're a guy!) have been by to check the place out.

We can't call this comeback complete until someone actually rents it for big bucks, but no matter, we can't do much of anything right now. We're too paralyzed by the mental image of that threesome taking the outdoor shower for a test run. The Corcoran rental listing has many tiny photos of the Hudson Square dream house, but we prefer the old ones from back when the penthouse was dangling on the sale market, seen above.
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304 Spring Street

304 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013

304 Spring Street

304 Spring Street, New York, NY