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Latest 535 West End Avenue Sale Officially Breaks Our Brain

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It's Friday and we're tired, but we don't think those are the only reasons to be confused by 535 West End Avenue, the 15 Central Park West pretender and rumored celebrity dorm asking in the eight figures for many of its apartments. The very first closing clocked in at 25 percent off back in March. And the discounts have only gotten larger from there. The sale of the building's tenth-floor unit just hit public record, and at $12,907,846 (and 13 cents!), it's the building's second discount of nearly 40 percent. That's following the 27.6 percent reduction on a unit closed last month. We no longer know what to think! On the one hand, the building isn't exactly meeting pricing expectations, and the Chopper seems to have an engraved invitation to all sales negotiations. On the other hand, the apartments are still selling for eight-figure amounts. Help us, Curbed readers: what are we to make of this?
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535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY