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Work Beginning on WTC's Tower 3, Like, Right Now!

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The sun is shining. The air is warm. The trees are dancing in the breeze. Friends, it's a great day to launch a new World Trade Center tower. Fresh off the heated competition between developers to buy a stake in the artist formerly known as the Freedom Tower (See? People do want these things!), a bigwig at Silverstein Properties just said construction is kicking off today on Tower 3, the Richard Rogers-designed behemoth with bulging trading floors and slight TV tower facial features. Well, let's call it pre-pre-construction. The "mobilization stage" will put Tower 3 on the path to a December 2014 completion, one year after Larry Silverstein's Tower 4?to be occupied mostly by government agencies?and approximately 6,000 years (give or take) before Tower 2. Will T3 meet its new deadline? If not, it should still beat those 2020 predictions.
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