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Trump Soho Scorecard: 11 Down, 380 to Go

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Can you believe it's been one month since the Trump Soho started selling some of its condo-hotel apartments? They grow up so fast, don't they? Back when this show was first getting on the road, building reps finally came clean and admitted that only 62 units, about 15% of the controversial tower's total inventory, were in contract. And 16 of those are fighting to get out of their deals, citing fraud and the fact that shelling out $3,000 per square foot is, like, so two years ago.

According to what's reached public record, 11 units have closed. Who are these people buying expensive hotel rooms that can only be occupied part-time? Foreigners, mostly. Here's the rundown of what's sold so far:

Unit #: 2903
Price: $1,383,419.70
Purchaser: Unit 2903 Trump Soho LLC

Unit #: 2303
Price: $1,165,418.80
Purchaser: Dong Il Corp.

Unit #: 2804
Price: $1,362,649.86
Purchaser: Steel Lux Trump2804, Inc.

Unit #: 3009
Price: $2,204,735.00
Purchaser: Ren Hua Ho and Chiang See-Ngoh (of Chelsea!)

Unit #: 3103
Price: $1,411,236.45
Purchaser: Ana Maria Caro Villota (of unknown!)

Unit #: 2706
Price: $1,147,183.37
Purchaser: Equity Trust Company d/b/a Sterling Trust (of Waco, TX!)

Unit #: 3003
Price: $1,552,586.75
Purchaser: SOHO 3003 LLC

Unit #: 2406
Price: $1,059,921.20
Purchaser: Harry Mohinani Hassomal and Harry Hassomal Mohinani (yeah, we don't get it, either; of Hong Kong!)

Unit #: 2402
Price: $1,023,656.40
Purchaser: Harry Mohinani Hassomal and Harry Hassomal Mohinani (double dippers!)

Unit #: 2908
Price: $1,206,731.82
Purchaser: Uxona Iberica Sociedad Limitada (of Staten Island! Just kidding.)

Unit #: 2003
Price: $1,283,279.40
Purchaser: Yunhee Chung (of Great Neck)

It's early, but so far it looks like the sales have generated barely enough cash to pay off the legal bills racked up in the fight against the anti-Trump army. Maybe that's a customer base that can be courted with a nice soothing bath?
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