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Change of Plans at Restored Skidmore House Near the Bowery

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Some news from Bowery 3.0, where the old landmarked Samuel Tredwell Skidmore House at 37 East 4th Street, being renovated as part of the 2 Cooper Square luxury rental complex, will no longer become a fantabulous one-family abode for a "very, very, very wealthy person." Original plans from GKV Architects called for the four-story, 1845 Greek Revival residence to be designed as a luxurious private home with fancy finishes and modern guts. Now, with harder times upon us, the developer is planning ten units total, two per floor from the basement on up.

Say goodbye to the tea porch out back and the full-floor master suite up top. But say hello to a bike room down below! And from the looks of the mega-plumbing being laid along East 4th Street, the water pressure here should be outstanding. Someday there might even be a little park next door. For now there's no word on what the pricing might be, but we can't see the Skidmore contendng with the $20,000 rents next door. Unless there are a bunch of well-paid history buffs looking to pitch their tent near the new-look Bowery.
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