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Private Driveways and Garages Cause Scandal

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The Times just took a look at the burgeoning "problem" of private driveways and garages in Manhattan.The issue with curb cuts seems to have set more than a handful of people off and the city is taking notice. The "fight for private parking in Manhattan" has people up in arms over the repercussions of what a proliferation of curb cuts would mean for the city. One property at the center of the controversy is 123 West 15th Street, which had plans to be merged with its neighboring condo building fulfilling the requirement of the necessary five units to legally justify building off-street parking on the property. However, those plans have been scrapped. The Buildings Department has already signed off on it, blissfully unaware of the determination of the locals against it. Robert Boddington, a neighbor and detractor says "If it stands, this approval will open the floodgates for the transfer of existing dwelling units as if they were air rights to authorize the construction of private parking garages in Manhattan"
·Yikes! It's a Garage [NY Times]