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A Look at Three Apartments in Williamsburg

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Like many of you, we are completely obsessed with open houses. Each Sunday we take a peek into some of them and report back to you. Armed with only a digital camera, this week we took a look at some places in Williamsburg.

There wasn't too much action going on in any of the open houses this weekend, the crowds were looking pretty sparse everywhere we went. Any of you out and about in billyburg or anywhere else? Let us know what you saw.

Location: 85-101 North 3rd St. Apt. 408
Size: 1,972 sq ft 1BR 2 BA
Price: $1,495,000 (maint./cc: $1,705)
This place is huge and all fixtures are pretty top-grade. The price might be a little high, though.
[85-101 North 3rd ]

Location: 66 North 1st St.
Size: 1,291 sq ft 3br 2 BA
Price: $895,000 (maint./cc: $700)
We're not crazy about packing three bedrooms in this tiny duplex, the result ends up looking like tiny boxes stacked above and next to each other. In both our opinion and that of the other open house attendees, knocking down the bedroom on the main level would really help the living/dining area be more open.
[66 North 1st St.]

Location: 119 North 11th St.
Size: 2,000 sq ft 1 BA
Price: $999,000 (maint./cc: $750)
This is a raw space that's going to need a little bit of work. The bathroom is fully renovated but there is no kitchen to speak of. It's pretty much an open canvas for someone looking for a lot of space in prime Williamsburg at just under $500 per st ft.
[119 North 11th St.]