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Another Pretty Secret Subway Building Surfaces

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The city's not-so-hidden secret subway buildings are all the rage, and with good reason! With the MTA thinking on dumping this ugly faux-cade on Greenwich Village, a lot of people are wondering why every emergency tunnel exit/ventilation shaft can't look like the one in Brooklyn Heights. Because, duh, architectural styles differ by neighborhood, which leads us to this tipster report from 108 East 19th Street near Union Square:

Related to the posts on fake townhouses being used by the MTA - I found another somewhat interesting example of a fake facade being used to conceal a subway access point. I was at an open house a while back at 112 East 19th street (between Park and Irving) and noticed looking out the west facing windows of the apartment that the majority of the street facing facade on the adjoining building was all that was there - no actual building behind it.
When I got out to the street, I did notice that all the windows on the front facade were blacked out and that a sign on the door indicating that the building was an MTA property (or being used by the MTA). The interesting thing is how ornate the facade is - I don't know if they built this nice facade to cover the air vents coming out of the structure behind, or if this is an original facade that was left in place when the building was deconstructed for its MTA use. Some photos attached.
The photo immediately above is via PropertyShark, but our tipster's shots appear in the gallery. The building is owned by the NYC Transit Authority, but we couldn't dig up any fun factoids on when it was built or previous uses, or whether the facade is just concealing some sort of hellmouth. Who's got the scoop on this MTA mystery mansion?
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108 East 19th Street, New York, NY