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Williamsburg Hotel Toshi Outpost Now Going Rental?

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In early June, two tipsters informed us that Hotel Toshi had set up shop at Williamsburg's 135 Metropolitan Avenue. The building had no certificate of occupancy, and one tipster reported that a city bust of the illegal hotel operation was imminent. We don't know exactly how things played out, but one of the tipsters writes in again to announce that team Toshi has cleared out:

I am happy to report we got Toshi evicted, no thanks to the DOB or the Mayor's office. Only though a tirade of bad press and some light harassing of the "tenants," developer Jacob Rubin agreed to cease using the building as a short stay. They have been issued a final CO (up on DOB) and hired Aptsandlofts to lease the eight units upstairs and the two retail units downstairs. They even went to far as to install security cameras on the building which they gave neighbors Internet access to view. All in all, a positive outcome for residents of Metropolitan Avenue. We see only the retail space listings online so far. But maybe some of the unhappy former renters of 808 Driggs would be interested in some sweet Toshi revenge?
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