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NYU Still Sorry That East Village Dorm is Ugly

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NYU met with Community Board 2 last night for the school's latest expansion-related public flogging, and the angry crowd of Villagers wanted blood. Hot, purple blood! According to Runnin' Scared, "Members of CB2 and the community regularly interrupted NYU's presentation, with heckles, hisses and boos," including chants of "Go to Brooklyn!" Guys, they are! On the flip side of the debate, some in attendance pointed out that many of the protesters will be dead by the time NYU's 2031 plan is fully executed. Good times!

NYU's spokeswoman Alicia Hurley, playing the role of "good cop," turned some heads when she told the crowd that NYU's 26-story dorm on East 12th Street?which was built behind the facade of historic St. Ann's Church to hilarious effect?was indeed a bad idea and poorly planned. NYU's been apologizing for the building for years, and the school didn't even build it (NYU leased and later bought the building from the Hudson Companies), but every now and then you gotta throw the locals a bone to keep them, uh, hating you.
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