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Anyone Wanna Buy an Empty High Line Condo Building?

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Call off the AMBER Alert, because the whereabouts of 245 Tenth Avenue have become a bit more clear. Today the Times takes a long and revealing look at the next wave of development attacking the elevated tracks of the High Line park (and some of the projects that are frozen), and that includes 245 Tenth, the metal-skinned, gas-station-adjacent luxury condo building that's been finished and empty for a long time. Citibank is now trying to sell the building, a piece of intel that comes from developer Erik Ekstein, who was offered the project and declined it. We know the building has some controversial political views, but c'mon, developers, this is the West Chelsea Starchitecture District we're talking about! Surely the building's future is bright, although maybe not as bright as the building itself.
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245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001