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Fred Flintstone's Tribeca Dream House Built in Hudson River Park

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The revamped Pier 25 in Tribeca's slice of Hudson River Park, set to open in October, is getting ready to rock. For fun there will be a skate park, three new beach volleyball courts and a playground filled with new versions of the shiny stuff that has parents perturbed. But at the top of the list is the return of the much-missed miniature golf course, situated next to what appears to be Fred and Wilma's house.

The faux-stoneish structure, in the Bedrock Revival style, bumps up against the more modern dockmaster building and can be seen from the busy bikeway along West Street. What function the Flintstone's flat will serve is anyone's guess, but a clue comes our way via the Hudson River Park Trust.

The Trust recently issued an RFP (warning: PDF) looking for a snack kiosk/sports concessions operator. It outlines the opportunities for Pier 25, including eateries, noting that the park along the river has over 7,000,000 visitors per year. Those crowds get hungry and, with numbers like that, this could make for a boatload of Brontosaurus Burgers and other tasty treats. Along with feeding the throngs, the concessionaire will get to run the fun stuff (aka the "recreational Elements". Applicants must commit to a three-year contract, barring any sudden ice ages.
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Pier 25

220 West Street, New York, NY