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Pier 25 From Above; 15 Madison Square North Sells Out

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TRIBECA?Following up on yesterday's update on Pier 25, a new part of Hudson River Park with a skate park, mini-golf course, beach volleyball courts and Bedrock's nicest McMansion, a tipster drops the above photo in our inbox. He writes: "I just read your update on the 'Fred Flintstone' house that was just installed at pier 25, and wanted to share the view of the full pier from my office building. I've been watching the pier slowly come to life over the past few months, and it really looks nearly finished. The sand in the volleyball courts is nice and new, as is the grass on the sports field (and all the surrounding young trees that were just 'installed' one day)." [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLATIRON?It's been a long journey filled with twists for the 15 Madison Square North condo conversion, but dang, it's a nice building in a great location. Enough buyers finally agree, because the building is now sold out. There were 23 closings in the past 12 months. Per a statement: "The condominium has 69 residences and ultimately achieved an average sales price of $3.59 million, one of the highest averages for a development in the Madison Square Park neighborhood to-date. The average price-per-square foot was $1,497." There's a rental in the building on the market for $27,500/month. [CurbedWire Inbox[