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Delta Shows Off What's Replacing Doomed JFK Terminal

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[Renderings: For SOM by Sponge Production]

Delta's Terminal 4 at Kennedy International Airport is swallowing Delta's Terminal 3, which means it's the end of the journey for that relic of sophisticated jet age cool. Formerly known as the Pan Am Worldport, Terminal 3 has been heavily modified over the years, but many are still sad to see it go?especially with the wrecking ball also threatening I.M. Pei's Terminal 6. Looking ahead, the Architect's Newspaper has some renderings of Delta's expanded new Terminal 4, designed by SOM. We may be losing the flying saucer ceiling of T3, but all those new security stations should make travel less torturous.

And here's a sneaky little surprise: The $20 million renovation of Eero Saarinen's landmarked Terminal 5 (out of use since JetBlue opened its spiffy new Terminal 5) is nearly complete, according to a Port Authority spokesperson. No opening date is set.
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Terminal 4

JFK Airport, Queens, New York