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Next Phase of the High Line Gets Planted, Catches Some Air

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Up on Section 2 of the High Line, the half-mile of elevated rails running from West 20th Street north to West 30th Street, things are finally starting to take root. The latest newsletter from Friends of the High Line chronicles the promenade's progress: Over the past few weeks cranes have hoisted up 600 cubic yards of soil, and now flowering dogwoods and bottlebrush buckeye are being planted. Next week, American holly trees will be lifted up to fill in the gaps at the Chelsea Thicket, a woodsy stretch running up to 25th Street. With some luck, all this new greenery will serve as a money tree and help move the empty mass of metal rising over the rails at 245 Tenth Avenue.

Also visible up high is the full framework for the Woodland Flyover, a series of metal catwalks between 25th and 27th street that will lift people into the air and through the trees. A platform peeking out over the old rail bed now hangs out above West 26th Street, perfect for watching gallery-going peeps. What we're hoping for is a perch amid the treetops along West 25th Street with views to the west, where we can catch a glimpse of Nicole and Keith once they get settled in atop the starchitecture down the block. Section 2 is scheduled for an opening next spring.
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High Line Section 2

West 22nd Street at Tenth Avenue, New York, NY