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Upper East Side Townhouse Finally Sells at 40 Percent Off

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Hey, 50 East 73rd Street, congratulations on very narrowly avoiding induction into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame, where we celebrate the most decimated of asking prices. The townhouse's sellers can thank the buyer who finally plunked down $8.9 million for the property last week. Purchased by Michael and Diane Schoeman for $1.9M in 1995, the 6,000-square-foot place first hit the market in the good old days of February 2008 for $15 million. By January 2009, it was down to $11.5M, and then it took a break from the market until mid-2009. When it returned, it came with a new broker and a reduced $9.995M price tag. In one last stab at a sale, the listing rang in the new year with another 10 percent chop, before finally finding a buyer this summer and ending our long Upper East Side nightmare. And the sellers thought their renovation took forever!

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