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Brooklyn 'Jail With Retail' Plan Gets Sent to Death Row

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Atlantic Avenue's Brooklyn House of Detention will be fully reopened by the Department of Correction, but the residents of Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill aren't walking away from the controversy empty-handed: The city is calling off the plan to double the jail's size, the NYT reports. Neighbors have long fought that proposal?which also included new street-level storefronts and at one time also had condos(!)?saying reopening and expanding the shuttered 11-story prison at Smith Street would stifle the area's development. The battle has ebbed and flowed, and now the city has decided to save hundreds of millions of dollars by scaling back the reconfiguration of the city's jail system.

The House of D has been open in a very limited capacity lately, bumming out some neighbors. One tells the Times: "People who occupy apartments and houses nearby don’t enjoy looking down from their windows at prisoners in shackles and police cars and buses with wire." We're sure the prisoners aren't thrilled with the arrangement, either.
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