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It Takes a Village to Interest Us in the South Bronx

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That would be Boricua Village, a massive project that has just opened the doors of its first completed building, the 400-unit Northrose (above). While residents trickle in, work's ongoing on a few more buildings and gardens, blog Welcome to Melrose observes. The megaproject (did we mention it's huge?) also includes some still-empty retail space and the new 120,000-square-foot campus of Boricua College. In a few years, students will be able to shop at The Crossings, a $35 million shopping center that's rumored be luring chain retailers like Old Navy to the neighborhood. No word on whether the amenities, which include a playground, screening room, and game room, are finished, but if not, there's always watching the rest of the complex go up.

· With Little Fanfare, Boricua Village's Residences at Northrose Are Open [Welcome to Melrose]