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Sagaponack Homeowner Wants to Add 40th Bathroom; More!

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The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) Does a 29-bedroom, 39-bathroom house in Sagaponack really need one more bathroom? There owner Ira Rennert and the town of Southampton beg to differ. Rennert woud really like to add an outdoor bathroom, but the town is "making it difficult." Hard to argue that it's urgent!

2) What's not to love about an oceanfront tower penthouse like the one above, part of Amagansett's Driftwood on the Ocean complex? Now on the market, spiral staircase included, for $3 million.

3) Cheryl Mercuris, the current renter of Bridgehampton's $50 million Sandcastle?who paid $500,000 for two weeks in July?has signed on for another three weeks. She says staying there has helped her save money on other real estate, but that, even so, it's "hard to justify." Our advice: don't try, just enjoy the bowling alley.

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