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Broker vs. Blogger War of Words Heats Up at Chelsea Mansion

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Even though Courtney Love no longer calls it home, the landmarked townhouse at 436 West 20th Street, aka the Chelsea Mansion, is causing all sorts of drama. A while back, the anonymous blogger at Architakes (since outed as architect David Holowka) set his sights on the building's renovation, calling shenanigans on some of the work. That post was picked up by us, and eventually caught the attention of the house's owner, luxury broker and occasional landlord Michael Bolla. The flashy Bolla?who has hired a butler and a psychic to cater to the Chelsea Mansion's renters, including Olivier Sarkozy?went after the blogger in court, saying the allegations were false and had damaged his business. Architakes' fraidy-cat web host even pulled down the site. Well, now the blogger is back, and he's not happy.

Architakes, with a brand new web host, is online again (as is the original controversial Chelsea Mansion post) and has penned a lengthy response to the situation. In it, Holowka renews his claims that the building's roof line has been improperly raised?and says Bolla has since lowered it a bit?and goes on to mock the state of the townhouse's restoration. Holowka runs pictures of facade cracks and points out that the fire escape is still out front, despite renderings used in marketing showing it's been removed. Then comes the soapbox stuff, including his take on the legal proceedings and a defense of free speech. We assume Bolla's psychic saw this coming, and he's been plotting the next move.
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436 West 20th Street

436 West 20th Street, New York, NY