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Grave Concern: The High Cost of Being Buried

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$3 million is a comfortable budget if you're looking for an apartment in our fair city. But that much for a burial plot?! Granted, being an above ground mausoleum, it's pretty top of the line as far as cemetery spaces go. According to the Times, the space crunch in the city has reached the point where a handful of cemeteries don't sell any more plots (Trinity Church Cemetery in Washington Heights and Washington Cemetery being two of them). Calvary, the city's largest Catholic cemetery is reaching capacity quickly. Even the granddaddy of them all, Green-Wood has only five years left. Apparently it's gotten so bad that people are actually digging up mom and dad and selling the grave! Possible solutions ? The options are to start burying people upright, placing time limits on how long a corpse can occupy a grave (bringing new meaning to "bitter renters"), and maybe worst of all, being buried upstate. Prepare to move way uptown in the afterlife.
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