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Dumbo Dubbed an "Urban Wonderland"

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Can you draw parallels between a Brooklyn neighborhood and a Walt Disney created Americana "neighborhood" in Orlando and still be heaping praise on it? Apparently The Daily News can, with a fawning profile on Dumbo (the Orlando 'hood is called Celebration, if you're curious). Two Trees, which owns a whopping 3/4 of the total square footage in the neighborhood, must be doing something right in the eyes of this writer who says "Dumbo could wind up being the most successfully executed New York City real estate vision of the first half of the 21st century". It's a pretty heavy statement we think. Would you agree?

We know it's not cheap to own a slice of the 4,000,000 square feet available in this lofty "urban wonderland", so what are we seeing out there?
Location: 1 Main Street Apt. 10A (by appt. only)
Size: 2,198 sq ft 2 BR 2 BA
Price: $2,750,000 (taxes: $486)

Location: 70 Washington Street Apt. 11L (by appt. only)
Size: 1,551 sq ft 1 BR 2 BA
Price: $1,439,000 (CC/Maint./Taxes: $710)

Location: 100 Jay St #5K (8/15/2010 12:00 PM- 2:00 PM)
Size: 1 BR 1 BA
Price: $560,000 (CC/Maint./Taxes: $465)

Think these will get anywhere near asking? Or are these brokers just living in wonderland?

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