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SPURA Tenant Thinks Redevelopment Is Actually Happening

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Multiple appearances in one summer? That might be evidence that things are thawing in the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area (SPURA), the collection of parking lots that make up the largest block of undeveloped city-owned land south of 96th Street. SPURA's remaining residents certainly seem to think so, The Lo-Down notes. The tenants of 400-402 Grand Street, who pay $54-250/month for apartments on a site that planners have said could hold 300-350 new apartments, have vowed they won't go, even if it means they have to pitch tents on an empty lot. Tenant Barry Chusid argues it shouldn't get to that point, though, because the building is part of the city's Tenant Interim Lease (TIL) Program, under which the city pays for renovations and tenants have the opportunity to purchase their apartments for $250. Or not: the city says 400 Grand is no longer part of the TIL program. Still, SPURA has already been languishing for 40 years, so the tenants probably have a little time to work this one out.
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