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Sukkah Reject Speaks Up; Checking in on 100 Gold

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UNION SQUARE?A tipster writes in that Sukkah City? the design competition started with the goal of a dozen "experimental" sukkahs, or temporary shelters for the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot, to go up in Union Square Park this September?has chosen its finalists. Says our tipster, "I can't tell you who won, but I can tell you that this proposal didn't, so we can assume the finalists are pretty kickass." That's one of the entries rejected by judge Thom Mayne (and others) above; anyone have intel on the winners? [CurbedWire Inbox]

VINEGAR HILL?Last we checked in on old friend and eco-warrior 100 Gold Street, it was done and half sold. But we haven't actually taken a look at the finished product. Happily, a tipster sent along a recent shot. [CurbedWire Inbox]