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Heights Townhouse Likes Its $12 Million Asking Price

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It was good to be a nineteenth-century sea captain in Brooklyn Heights. Make some money, build a nice house, maybe watch from beyond the grave a century and a half later as whoever owns that house now puts it on the market for millions of dollars. It worked for 13 Cranberry Street, and now 8 Montague Terrace is trying the same trick. The house, currently a 7-unit building that "can easily be converted to a single home paradise," is now on the market for an even $12 million. That might be 8 Montague's favorite number, since it's also what it was asking back in 2005, when it ultimately sold for a slimmer $8 million. It's got 10 fireplaces, hand-carved walls, and an asking price that's second in Brooklyn Heights only to Truman Capote's old stomping grounds.

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